Please contact us by phone, text, email, WhatsApp or complete an online form to arrange a quote. Once contacted, we will quote based on photos or prearranged vehicle examination at yours and our convenience.
It is impossible for us to quote a repair precisely without seeing the damage, as the work and materials involved in a repair can vary greatly from one piece of damage to the next. If you wish to send us digital photos of your damage via email, try to include one that shows the damage as close-up (while still in focus) as possible, and another that is zoomed far enough out to give us an idea of the scale of the repair. We will be able to provide estimate figures in these circumstances. We are pleased to offer free, we-come-to-you estimates where we give firm price quotes.

All bookings are dependant on our availability, we can usually provide a quote within a few days and book the work after that at a date convenient to us both.

Extra Mile use the world’s most respected colour matching systems.  We use computer-assisted mixing on-board our van. By obtaining the vehicle manufactures paint code, we can create a paint to match the panel we are painting, ensuring the best possible colour matching. We never use stock paint, which is almost never the same batch of paint that was used in painting the vehicle, and is therefore visibly a slightly different colour.

Unlike many other mobile repairers, we can and do provide repairs to metallic, pearl, mica and combination effect finishes.

We can repair/respray painted colour-coded plastic bumpers. We can fix most splits and cracks by welding the plastic, avoiding the expense of a new panel, the high materials costs of painting the entire new panel, the labour costs of removal and refitting, and the environmental costs of disposal. Repair, not replacement, saves you money!

No repair will be identical to an automotive factory finish, which is machine-sprayed to tolerances beyond human capability. Hence, no repair will ever be strictly new. We aim to provide a good quality, hand-completed ‘as good as new’ aftermarket repair. In normal circumstances, such a repair is unlikely to be detected by a casual examination of the vehicle by an untrained observer unaware of the previous damage location.

We can only repair a silver sprayed finish (diamond cut and all other colours are excluded). We are able to repair alloy wheels by masking around the tyre, we will then sand down any damage, recreate the profile (if required) and then apply the appropriate paints. This method brings high quality results in a short time and at affordable prices. We are unable to repair corroded alloys.

We can provide a limited visbale touch-in of stone chip damage.

Yes. Our customers can benefit from a free two year guarantee on their repairs.

We can accept payment by cash, cheque (supported by an appropriate guarantee card and signature), bank transfer or credit/debit cards (not AMEX).

Yes. We will need a faxed or emailed works authorisation from your insurer to proceed with work. If you have been asked to collect quotes for repair work by your insurer, we will be pleased to assist.

The Extra Mile paint system is designed for localised damage repairs. Hence we do not offer complete resprays.

The car is ready for ordinary road use and weather exposure immediately after we have completed the repair.

We recommend to allow 3 days following the repair before washing/waxing. After that time follow normal manufactures care instructions.

We have a full Motor Trader’s insurance policy that ensures all vehicles in our custody or control for the purposes of our business are fully insured. Extra Mile operators have extensive public liability insurance in addition to their motor vehicle cover.

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